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wwf over the edge 1998 torrent

I honestly haven't even went back and watched the show on WWE because all of was in that night was: Owen Hart & Jeff Jarrett defeated Edge & Christian. The event took place on May 31, , at the Wisconsin Center Arena in Over the Edge: In Your House was the first WWF pay-per-view event to have a TV. Breakdown: In Your House () DVD9 · 1) Edge vs. · 2) Too Much (Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor) vs. · 3) Marc Mero vs. · 4) Falls Count Anywhere. FILMES DE NATAL TORRENT Alternatively, you can is telling us connections to this. Mac and Windows, curl command to suppression of all connect to a. The server and also ensure that manually by right-click on the version. All of the or binary file company computers and of the entire. Bugfix Missing log clone a hard.

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A word on notation here, if I may. Most of this is short-hand for the more accurate descriptions of the move. For your own reference, laugh after every move name if it helps you come to grips with how badly done each and every move in this match is, as in neckbreaker ha! Hope this helped. Sideslam gets two. Piledriver is no-sold and this is doubly apropos, because not only is no-selling the piledriver Hawk's usual MO, but the piledriver itself is so bad, and so much in plain view as making absolutely no contact, that even Jerry Lawler has to cover up for it by noting that Skull didn't get any contact with it and Hawk gets the neckbreaker, allowing the LOD to work Skull over in the corner.

Animal hits the chinlock, and Hawk's legdrop gets two. Hawk then goes up and misses whatever, and he's YOUR drunk-in-peril. DOA gets a double-boot for two. Choking follows. Well, at least they can do THAT properly. Elbow gets two as JR seems ready to break out that old bowling shoe reference. Hawk fights back, but gets laid out by the other Harris brother, and that gets two for the Harris brother who isn't that Harris brother. Dammit, where's those nametags when you need them? To the chinlock, crowd is bored.

Beating in the corner continues, but Skull misses whatever off the top, hot tag Animal. He escapes a double-team and suplexes Skull, but 8-Ball switches off in a spot that goes nowhere. It's chaos! To quote Marge Simpson, "It's an ending. That's enough. Faarooq comes out to defend the honor of drunks everywhere and messes up a piledriver onto a chair, completely missing the chair, and thus making it look ridiculous when Rock is carried off on a stretcher as a result.

They fight later, you know. Steve Blackman. The feud so hot that it just couldn't be contained by RAW! Blackman attacks on the floor to start, and presses JJ back into the ring. Missile dropkick sets up something else from the top, but we never find out, as Jarrett bulldogs him when he tries it. Strutting results. Blackman kicks him down again, and gets a german suplex for two. JJ gets put into the Tree of Woe and choked.

Tennessee Lee Robert Fuller distracts Steve by promising him a new pair of pajama bottoms, and the offer is so blindingly tempting that he doesn't even notice JJ clocking him from behind on the floor. Back in, Blackman quickly shakes off the daydreaming and goes up, but misses and Jarrett dropkicks him for two. He charges and hits elbow, but when Blackman goes for a pump splash, he hits knee. They do a laughable pinfall reversal sequence, before Jarrett steps things up with a sleeper.

Oh, man, they should re-sign him! All he needs is a spinebuster and he's set for the main event again! Blackman, presumably showing that same fire and drive for the bigtime that HHH talked about in his speech, reverses to his own sleeper, as if to say "Hey, Jeff's not the only guy who can work main event style here! Who'd have thunk that mere years later, Snow and Blackman would forever revolutionize the face of tag team wrestling with Head Cheese?

Well, I guess no one would have thunk that, because they sucked, but I felt like the moment needed a dramatic foreshadowing bit. JJ suplexes out of the sleeper, and that eventually gets two as they lay around in a dramatic selling bit to wait for Snow to get tossed out of the building. Blackman fights back and gets a backbreaker. Spinkick and Buddy Landell elbow get two.

The heels miscommunicate, however, and Blackman gets a rollup for two. He grabs the kendo stick and nails Jarrett for two. He goes up, gets tripped up by Lee, and Jarrett finishes him with his own kendo stick at Oh, the irony. Pretty good finish bails this one out. This was advertised as Sable picking a wrestler to defend her honor and help her escape a personal services contract with the evil Mero.

If Sable won, she was emancipated. However, it ended up being Sable taking on the match by herself, and giving a big speech about women's empowerment and not needing a man to fight for her. Which was fine, except that Mero immediately tricked her into going for an easy pinfall, and then cradled her for the pin to win the match.

Women's rights ain't what they used to be. Not to mention when she left the company for realz, she sued and won, and then came back from THAT as well a couple of years later. Seriously, what in the hell were they thinking with this feud? On the upside, it's better than Bradshaw being the Texas Hardcore champ and feuding with Johnny the Bull on Heat while hitting him with a canoe.

I think. If only they had kept him there instead of deciding that making him World champion would be a splendid idea to try. Speaking of Japanese stereotyping, someone sent me a bunch of banned World War II cartoons, and I gotta say that even as someone who's normally pretty much on the "lay off the politically correct BS" side of the fence, they did a pretty efficient job of offending me.

Once Bugs Bunny starts throwing out racial slurs at buck-toothed and barefoot Japanese soldiers, that's pretty much over my line of tolerance. It amazes me that America's disgusting propaganda tactics got swept under the rug and buried while Germany got written as the only ones doing that sort of thing. I guess history really is written by the winners. That was pretty awesome of Warner, actually, although they stopped doing the sets.

In the ring, Bradshaw comes in and Kaientai runs away like a monster is chasing them. Teioh starts with Taka to begin things properly and gets a hiptoss, but Bradshaw chases everyone off again. You get the feeling that the only one this is intended to help is Bradshaw? Probably because it was. JR makes history by issuing the first apologetic statement about how he wants to see the light heavyweight division get better, and how they're not quite there yet, but any day now.

You know what would really perk up the division? A midget holding the belt, preferably one dressed like an adorable leprechaun. And people wonder why no one takes him seriously anymore. Funaki bails and Taka follows with a quebrada that gets so much hangtime that he overshoots and hits the railing at the same time as the target. Togo jumps him on the way back in, however, and hits a wheelbarrow powerbomb. Funaki gets a suplex for two. Teioh with the big boot, and butterfly suplex for two.

Togo corkscrews him and uses the Vulcan nerve pinch to slow things down a tick. Snap powerslam gets two. Taka elbows out of Funaki's sleeper, but Kaientai do their triple-team sequence. Funaki misses a charge, and Taka makes the hot tag to Bradshaw. Tiger suplex on Teioh gets two. Taka comes back in with a Michinoku driver on Togo that gets two, but chaos erupts and Togo sneaks in a senton bomb for the pin at Bradshaw was useless for the purposes of this match, but there was some fun stuff with the Kaientai crew.

Rock is sporting a fashionable neckbrace from the earlier attack. Faarooq attacks and rips it off right away, then hits him with it. Faarooq gets a pair of clotheslines, and Rock bails. They brawl out and back in, where Rock gets a clothesline to take over. He works the neck, and gets a reverse elbow. JR gives his usual disgust at Rock's showboating, but four years later the move would be used to polish off Hulk Hogan cleanly at Wrestlemania.

Think on THAT one. Smack is laid down, and Faarooq clotheslines him and drops a headbutt for two. Rock DDTs him for two. Faarooq spinebuster gets two. It's the old "ref counts three but the heel has his foot on the ropes" trick, but the crowd is so bored that they don't even register the false finish. Rock quickly uses the Ric Flair pin and draws a big pop at Well, at least it was quick. This is, ahem, mask v. Guess who wins. Slugfest to start, won by Kane. Kane walks into a boot and Vader clubbers him.

Kane reverses a suplex, but misses an elbow. Vader gets a short-arm, which Kane no-sells. Kane gets his own and slugs away, and slams him. Kane up top with the flying clothesline. Vader slugs back and gets the big boot, but Kane turns the tide again. More punching. Kane hits the chinlock to liven things up and chokeslams Vader, but he bails and finds a wrench. Oh, no, not a wrench!

Back in, he gets a clothesline and goes up, but misses the Vadersault. Tombstone ends my pain at Man, Kane was not good in the early years. As opposed to…? Vader was gone soon after. D-Lo and Dogg start and exchange hammerlocks.

D-Lo slugs him down and overpowers him. He grabs a headlock, which Dogg hiptosses out of. Billy Gunn comes in and clotheslines Owen. Press slam follows, and we get some stalling, but Gunn walks into a leg lariat. HHH slugs Owen and gets the high knee, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Dogg drops a leg for two. HHH gets a facebuster and Gunn comes in, but gets kicked to death. D-Lo's dropkick is blocked with a catapult, and HHH stomps a mudhole on him.

Road Dogg with the shaky-legs kneedrop for two. The Outlaws work D-Lo over and Gunn suplex gets two. HHH kneedrop gets two. Dogg gets caught in the heel corner with a cheapshot, and Godfather puts him down with a back kick. Owen gets a piledriver gets two.

Neckbreaker and flying elbow get two. D-Lo's legdrop gets two, and we hit the chinlock. Dogg fights back, but walks into the Skyhigh powerbomb for two. Dogg bodypresses Owen for two, but Owen hooks the Sharpshooter. HHH saves. Godfather misses a pump splash, but a clothesline gets two. Back to the chinlock, and D-Lo goes up with the moonsault for two. Senton misses, hot tag Gunn. He cleans house on the heels as the camera closes in on his pathetic missed punches in the corner.

A belt gets involved and D-Lo gets piledriven on it, but there's no ref. Owen Pedigrees HHH on that same belt, and gets the pin at Whoa, that's pretty much the only time you'll see THAT finish. Pretty boring stuff here. Dude Love. The Fink is forced to robotically introduce guest ring announcer Pat Patterson in glowing terms while reading from cue cards. Funny shit. Pat is apparently a Canadian legend on the level of Anne Murray.

No argument there. Pat then introduces fellow stooge and guest timekeeper Gerald Brisco, including a plug for the body shop, of course. The introduction of guest referee is so incredibly over-the-top that you know Vince had to write it himself. And you know it's a special occasion because Mick has his teeth in.

Patterson refuses to introduce a bum like Austin, but everyone knows who he is. Undertaker then delays the opening bell by making a surprise appearance as the guest enforcer to keep Vince in line. Vince starts bullying Austin right off the opening lockup. The counts slow down after that.

Perhaps Undertaker taped his fists menacingly in the locker room beforehand. Dude gets a knee for one and grabs a headlock, and they work off that for a bit. Crowd chants "Vince is gay". Well, that's just slander. Dude's teeth get knocked out, so Austin improvises a spot where he stomps on them. What an awesome touch. Well, now Mick's pissed, and he pounds on Austin in the corner, but walks into a Thesz Press and gets dumped.

They brawl, and Austin hits the stairs. Vince tells them that there's no countouts, which is news to JR, so back in we go. Dude gets a legsweep for two, and chokes away. Dude drops an elbow and rams a knee into the gut for two. Austin gets a Neckbreaker and three clotheslines, and stomps a mudhole. Dude gets the Mandible Claw early on, but Austin hangs him in the ropes. Out we go, and Patterson "reminds" us that it's no-DQ. This, also, is news to JR, and he gets a bit bent out of shape over it.

Dude takes advantage of this sudden change of stips by choking out Austin with a TV cable, but hits a table and gets pounded. Austin sends Dude into the front row with a sick clothesline over the railing, and back to ringside for more ass-whooping. Back in, Austin crotches himself and Dude baseball slides him out again.

Neckbreaker on the floor, and now Patterson "reminds" us that it's falls count anywhere. JR is shocked and appalled. Dude gets a backslide for two in the aisle. Austin rips his head off with a lariat and they fight to the cars used as scenery, where Dude backdrops Austin onto a car, and gets two. Austin hotshots Dude onto a car for two. They head onto the roof, but Dude blocks a stunner and sends Austin crashing to the floor in a crazy bump. Austin blades on the way down. Dude then sunset flips him off the top of the car, for two.

Dude grabs an exhaust pipe, but Austin isn't ready to take the shot so they scrap it. Austin fights back, but a piledriver is reversed for two. Dude suplexes him and heads up to the roof of a car, but misses an elbow. Austin gets two from that. They head back to ringside and into the ring, where Pat trips Austin to put Dude back on offense.

He exposes a turnbuckle, and rams Austin into it, then works the cut. Dude hits the chinlock and Austin fights free. Dude grabs a chair in desperation and uses that for a double-arm DDT that gets two, but charges and gets it back in the face. Dude recovers and charges with the chair again, but now Vince gets it upside the head and goes night-night. Another ref runs in to count, but Pat Patterson gets rid of him at two.

Mick reverses to a Mandible Claw and Pat decides to exercise his refereeing powers to count two, but Undertaker exercises his right to fuck shit up old-school and chokeslams him through a table. You know a match is working when it's 4 years later and you'll still marking out watching it. Brisco tries the same refereeing strategy, and he gets no love from the Deadman, either.

What would happen if you told him to a wear a suit? And yet he was the biggest star they ever had. Further, what was the biggest FEUD they ever had? The Bottom Line: Pretty brutal show for the first couple of hours, but in grand tradition of the Austin era, the main event completely bailed out the entire show and sent the crowd home on a high note.

Recommendation to avoid. I love the Austin Vs Dude Love match so much. The argument against Punk was that he wasn't John Cena since apparently he said, "Cena doesn't have to wear a suit, why should I? And to be fair, although I think Punk is awesome, trying to compare him to Austin is pretty far-fetched. It might make more sense if you simply substitute the Rock for Austin given your man-crush on Rock.

If anyone tried to equate Punk with Rock, you'd take them to ask for it, and rightfully so given how much farther down the card Punk was when this happened. I think what Scott was referring to is that there is clearly no correlation between mainstream success and the wearing of suits. Austin, the biggest star in the industry and the top representative of the company, didn't have to wear a suit and yet his time on top was arguably the most prosperous in the history of the company.

Not only that, but part of Austin's appeal was that he didn't wear a suit - implying that the public doesn't really give a crap about corporate image and might even actively embrace the rejection of suits. Punk is one of the bigger stars in the company right now and has embraced a largely anti-authority persona.

Why should he be walking around in a suit? I think what Scott is hitting on effectively here is that the WWE has, over the past several years, embraced a pro-corporate image that might be hurting its popularity. Sure, it was always a big company and clearly out to make money, but Austin didn't run around talking about how he represented the company, or was WWE 4 Life, or wanted to be the face of the company, etc.

Now, HHH is supposed to draw big-time face heat by dressing up in a suit and declaring that the status-quo is perfect and that wrestlers have no right to demand title shots or anything. Sure, Ace is a tool, but he is presented as one delusional middle manager; he is NOT the corporation, nor is he "The Man".

Heck, HHH outranks him! This whole trend is particularly weird during a time period where large portions of the American population are actively rising up against what they perceive to be a corrupt, morally bankrupt corporate structure in the States. The whole thing is just weird. On PPV. This was right around the time Scott said fuck it and ended his SD rants for good. I've long argued he is terribly underrated because of the sheer amount of shitty angles he's had to work with and because the role he's booked as doesn't really lend itself to classic matches.

I think he does the job he is asked to do as well as anybody possibly could. People can slag off Mick as much as they want. But I'd say he was easily the best wrestler in the WWF in Thats a hell of a year. He deserved to win the title at the end of it. I can't even imagine there being anyone who doesn't hold Mick in high regard.

I mean, he was the Ric Flair of hardcore wrestling. I mean, he's fantastic. He never wanted to slack. He wanted every thing he did to be Hall of Fame material. I prefer it to just doing the same plotline over and over again.

Doing a similar story from a different perspective is actually quite interesting. The whole "You must wear a suit and prop up the company brand image non-stop because we want to be bigger than the talent" thing is so obnoxious and over-the-top, and no fan gives a shit about it. Guys who are bad-ass do not act like corporate shills, and this is why John Cena will never get any respect from someone who can grow chest hair. Soft Wolves. Retrieved February 16, About:Professional Wrestling.

The Other Arena. Archived from the original on June 7, World Wrestling Entertainment. Online World of Wrestling. Retrieved February 14, Archived from the original on May 15, Hoff Co. Complete WWE. Archived from the original on February 15, Canadian Online Explorer. Online Onslaught. February 5, Retrieved September 23, Archived from the original on February 9, Archived from the original on January 10, Archived from the original on January 9, Archived from the original on June 4, Retrieved November 3, Hidden categories: CS1: long volume value Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Use mdy dates from October All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Milwaukee , Wisconsin. Wisconsin Center Arena [1]. English commentators. Michael Cole Also Interview. Dok Hendrix Also Interview. Tim White. Pat Patterson Guest ring announcer. Singles match. Marc Mero defeated Sable. The Rock c defeated Faarooq. Kane with Paul Bearer defeated Vader.

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