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Transit torrent waterproof pannier review

transit torrent waterproof pannier review

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The Rolltop 20 is a waterproof pannier with a built-in laptop sleeve. Interestingly it comes with a specially-designed frame which is mounted to your rack, allowing the bag to be built without any clips or hard wear. This results in a pannier that can be comfortably carried off the bike. Crosso bags are made in Poland and are considered to be a good alternative to Ortlieb or Vaude. They use a simple hook and bungee system and are designed to offer a lot of heel clearance. Their largest panniers get to 30L each!

These Japanese-made bags are designed to be both a backpack and a pannier. The outer is made using canvas, and a waterproof inner keeps your gear mostly dry. You can get this pannier in five different colours. The panniers taper back in order to afford more heel clearance from pedal strokes making them suitable for bikes with shorter chainstays.

Like other bags on this list, the clips are made by Rixon and Kaul. This little known company outside Germany produces some lovely gear. High-quality clips, straps and materials make this a product designed for life. The Blackbird is a simple rolltop pannier made by Crosso in Poland. The minimalist styling of these bags is lovely! The Backroller Classic panniers set the standard for bicycle touring. The rolltop design allows you to cram more than 21 litres into each bag and the durable fabrics and materials last decades.

People have ridden all over the world with these bags! Ortlieb Backroller Classic The Backroller Plus are the same great design as the Classic, but use lighter weight fabrics to remove g from each set of panniers. It is my experience that the Plus material is equally as durable as the Classic.

Ortlieb Backroller Plus The Backroller Pro XL bags are new for They feature a rolltop design, a front pouch and are constructed using both the Classic and Plus materials. They have a 70L capacity! Richard has been making these bags since the earlys, using two aluminium struts for rigidity as a backpack. It takes about five minutes to convert the panniers into a hiking pack, and vice-versa.

The Salsa Touring Panniers are a new product for These rolltop waterproof bags have a secure clip system which looks to be adjustable enough to suit most racks. These liners on top of a secure roll top are guaranteed to keep your gear dry. Multiple accessories are available to customize your pannier for your specific needs. From water bottle pockets to laptop pouches, there are more than a dozen accessories you can choose from. Locking pannier hooks on a moveable track give you the safest and most versatile mounting system available.

Our German made hardware will never let you down or end up in your wheel. You can rest assured your gear will remain dry in a waterproof Retro 20 Pannier. The modular design lets you add additional side and front The Trekker 20 pannier is a lighter weight pannier based on the Metro The modular design lets you add additional side pockets for more volume.

The Trekker 15 pannier is a smaller version pannier of the Trekker A mesh front stash pocket is great for drying clothes or keeping POS and Ecommerce by Shopify. Menu 0. You get standard a nice interior open stash and mesh valuables pocket on the inside, to help you further organize your gear. A front zippered pocket holds all but the largest U locks.. The "Klick Fix" hardware will mount to various sized racks from mm tubing.

This German made hardware is both strong and secure with its' manual locking system. A quick-release shoulder carry strap tucks away neatly in the front zippered pocket and attaches directly to buckles on the sides. The Metro 20 Pannier is sold as a single pannier which can mount on either the left or Right side of your rack. Returns Weight: 2 lb.

Waterproof, Modular and Secure. Velotransit panniers are made with RF welded waterproof liners. Customize your pannier. Reviews for Metro 20 Waterproof Rear Pannier. Jon Z from Washington, D. It's been over two years since I bought this and it has served me super well. I commute daily year-round in all kinds of weather and I've had zero leaks. The hardware has held up despite salt on the roads and the anchoring system is perfectly solid.

For a trip to the grocery store, the capacity is excellent. I've had a whole chicken, several bags of dried fruits and nuts, a few bags of frozen peas and corn, and a loaf of bread and it all fits. Yes, you can buy a cheaper pannier, but for anyone who plans to use a bag regularly, this is a great value.

Report this review. William from Seattle, WA on Mar 24, I did a lot of research on panniers before I settled on this one and couldn't be more pleased: it's stylish, waterproof, and portable. And I just ordered another one! Allison from Atlanta, GA on Aug 03, My husband ordered this bag for his bike commute. I shopped high and low for a pannier that felt as sturdy and looked as nice and came up dry. We now have the same bag and love them.

The rack clips on other panniers don't compare. Thank you for making such a sturdy bag! Victor Odlivak from Eugene, Or on Aug 01, Einfach spitze! Es gibt nicht besseres. Totally rad! You will not find anything better. After more than 3 years of everyday abuse rain or shine, still waterproof, still locks and unlocks every time, Couldn't be happier.

Dave W. A very happy customer. After a month of looking and reviewing other manufacture's panniers I went with Velotransit and bought 2 metro panniers for my Framed fat bike. I'm very pleased with the quality, workmanship and the look of the pannier and the locking mechanism. I can go over rough trails and the locking mechanism keeps the pannier secure to the rack. I like the yellow interior. I agree with other people, the yellow interior is easy to see what's inside.

What also sold me was made in USA!. I liked them so much I bought 2 more metro panniers. Great product. Chris from Washington, DC on Mar 23, I've had the pannier for about a year now and commute 17 miles round trip to work as often as I can. It's seen rain and snow but looks brand new.

It has the flexibility to carry both big and small loads well. The bag is also super secure on the rack. Shannon from Vancouver BC on Apr 28, I've been using this pannier daily for a year and a half now.

It's absolutely fantastic. It's sleek but holds a ton. I like the access better than on my Retro 20, just easier to get into when it's on your rack. I've used it for work and for touring. No complaints at all :]. Couldn't be happier with this pannier.

I must have looked at more than a dozen or so panniers and I purchased three different ones, ultimately settling on this one. It has all of the key features in a quality pannier - waterproof, hooks and loops on the outside for attaching additional gear, compression straps, clip at the bottom of the bag to hold onto the rack, etc. It looks great too, both on the bike and as a shoulder bag. It's got the perfect amount of room to handle my daily commute - room for shoes, shirt, pants, and a few extra top layers that I may or may not need for the ride back.

Doesn't wobble at all on my Topeak rack; fits snug and goes on and off in seconds. Living up to expectations. It's my first bike bag aside from the Knog bag that i was borrowing so I don't have much to compare this to. That being said, the bag is built pretty sturdy and so far has given me no problems. I've used this bag almost every weekday on my commute to work. It holds my lunch, change of clothes, bike accessories spare tube, pump, multi-tool, patch kit and a book.

And it still has room for more. The hanging mechanism works smoothly and easily. Would recommend again. I really like this new bag. It is larger than it appears and has more useable storage even though the dimensions would indicate less than my existing bag. Easy to mount and unmount. There is a handle stiched to it to run the lock cable though when making a quick run into a store. I am very hapy with my purchase, I just wish I had been able to find the yellow one somewhere to buy.

Barry H. Solid-quality and plenty durable. A one-year-on review. First, the background: I have been bike commuting for 26 years, pretty much. You may ask in the comments for an inventory. So, the Velo Transit Metro 20 pannier. I bought a black one in January It has been in regular use, twice a week, since. I use it exclusively for work clothes. Today was the first time I crammed-in a sizable book and a towel for the ride home. All fit. The review: It works.

It works great, actually. I bring shoes, sometimes boots, pants, sweaters, socks, belt, etc. I have been wetter commuting this year than any in memory but the work clothes are dry. The bag, that is, has been unremarkable, which is a good thing. I do not really have many better things to think about OK, sometimes I do , but I do not have to think about this bag at all.

Clothes go in. Top rolls down. Clip, clip. And off I go. Same for on the bike. Side hook naturally catches the rack strut. The two top clips slip easily onto the top. Then, clip, clip, and off I go. One real test was the day last spring where I forgot to snap-down the little red clippy-things that hold the bag on, as above. On that dark morning commute I bounced on a pothole and the bag flew off, thumped, then skittered onto the road behind me.

I quickly retrieved it and rode to work, expecting to find a gouge or tear in the light of my office. Just a bit of road dirt I brushed off. Damned bag and its ability to take a pounding. I have never filled the bag to capacity and do not think I ever will. I need right-side use, so the straps remain unhelpful. Small potatoes. Excellent pannier for bike commuting. For comparison, when I ordered the VeloTransit pannier, I also ordered a pair of the Ortlieb Backroller Classic panniers, allowing me to make a comparison between the two.

Given the praise for the Ortliebs, I assumed that I would choose them in the end. I'll say that both the VeloTransit and the Ortlieb Backrollers are excellent panniers.

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