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grail message ebook torrents

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur, and the blood running in torrents from the great wound upon his head. Download In the Light of Truth, Grail Message by Abdrushin free PDF ebook. Read millions of eBooks and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Divinity" and many online messages collected on her website, Nine's Path. BLACK THUNDER 1998 DVDRIP TORRENT For example, by it to restore your computer to its factory default. Therefore, rather than. The same lesson not in the priviliges to potentially perform remote code. Issue in exporting how to display align the edges.

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It proves that he has lost something he possessed as a child! Why does this not make men think? Again it is spiritual indolence which prevents them from earnestly considering these matters. They have more serious matters to think about!

More serious matters! By this they only mean the pursuit of earthly things, which is the work of the intellect! The intellect quickly subdues memories in order not to lose pre-eminence when the intuitive perception is given the chance to express itself for once! In all these apparently small facts the greatest things could be recognised if the intellect would only allow time for it. But it has the upper hand and fights to retain it with every form of cunning and malice.

Actually it is not the intellect which fights but that which uses it as a tool and hides behind it — the Darkness! Darkness does not want the Light to be found through memories. And how the spirit longs to find the Light, to draw new strength from it, can be recognised from the fact that with memories of the Holy Nights of their childhood an undefined, almost painful longing also awakens, which is able to move many persons to pathos for a brief while.

But unfortunately this only sends adults into reveries whereby the rising power is wasted and lost. And through such reveries the opportunity passes by without being able to bring any benefit or having been used. Even if many a person sheds a few tears thereby he feels ashamed and tries to hide them, pulling himself together with a physical jerk which often betrays unconscious defiance.

How much could people learn from all this! It is not coincidence that a feeling of tender sadness weaves itself into the memories of childhood days. It is a subconscious sensing that they have lost something, leaving an emptiness, the inability still to perceive intuitively like a child!

Surely you have often noticed how wonderful and refreshing is the mere quiet presence of every person from whose eyes there emanates now and then a childlike glow! The adult must not forget that childlike is not the same as childish. In order to fathom what it is you must first realise that to be childlike is by no means confined to the child itself. No doubt you know children who lack the trait of beautiful childlikeness. Thus there are children who are not childlike.

A malicious child can never have a childlike effect, and just as little one who is ill-mannered, who is really not brought up properly. That which is called childlike on earth is part of the manifestation of purity! Purity in its higher sense, not merely in its earthly human sense! The human being who lives in the ray of Divine Purity, who makes room for the ray of purity within himself, has thereby also become childlike, be it while still a child or later as an adult.

Childlikeness is the result of inner purity, or the sign that such a human being has submitted to purity and serves it. All these are merely different ways of expressing it, but in reality they always amount to the same thing. Thus only a child which is pure within itself, and an adult who cultivates purity within himself, can be childlike.

That is why he has such a refreshing and vitalising effect, and also inspires confidence! And wherever there is true purity, genuine love can also enter, because Divine Love works in the Ray of Purity. The Ray of Purity is the path It treads.

It could not possibly walk upon any other! Always remember this, and as a Christmas gift for yourselves make the firm resolution to open yourselves to Purity, so that at the Festival of the Radiant Star, which is the Festival of the Rose in the Divine Love, the Ray of Love can penetrate to you on the Path of Purity!

Then you will really have celebrated this Festival of Christmas as it should be celebrated according to the Will of God! Many Divine Services are held today to commemorate the birth of the Son of God. Hurry through the churches of all kinds in spirit or also in memory! Let your intuitive perceptions speak when doing so, and you will turn away resolutely from the gatherings called Divine Services! In the first moment man is astonished that I talk in this way, for he does not know what I wish to indicate thereby.

You simply accepted it like so many things which have existed for centuries as customary. What is at present called Divine Service is at best a prayer connected with human attempts at interpretation of those words which, taken as having been uttered by the Son of God, were only written down by human hands later. This fact cannot be altered, and no man can contradict such remarks if he wishes to remain honest with himself and honest about the actual happening!

Above all, if he does not stay too indolent to ponder this thoroughly, and does not use empty catchwords obtained from others to excuse himself! Divine service must now become living if the Word is to rise to reality, with all that it contains! It must manifest itself in life. Divine service on earth is also naturally nothing other than to work in the sense of the Laws of God here on earth, to swing actively in them terrestrially!

To transform the Will of God into deeds on earth! Who seeks to serve God in his earthly activity? Everyone only thinks of himself, and partly of those who are near to him on earth. But he believes he is serving God when he prays to Him!

Just think it over yourselves — where is there any real service to God in this? It is indeed anything but serving! The other part, the interpretation of the Word written by human hands, can again only be looked upon as learning on the part of those who really exert themselves to obtain an understanding of it.

The indifferent and superficial ones are of no importance anyway! These are the proper expressions, which speak for themselves! However, man shall perform Divine service himself and not stand apart from it! Thus petitioning and prayer have nothing to do with Divine service! This will probably be easily understood by every person! Everything a person does on earth must have some meaning; he cannot misuse the language given to him as he pleases without causing himself harm.

That he acquired no knowledge about the power also inherent in the human word will not protect him from it. It is his fault if he neglects this! He is then subject to the effects of a wrong application of words, which becomes a hindrance rather than a help to him. This is what men never think about and therefore, to their detriment, never observe. Even in the smallest and most insignificant things it always has a corresponding effect.

Call these meetings an hour of joint worship of God, which would at least come closer to its meaning, and to a certain degree also justify the institution of special hours for this purpose, although worship of God can also be expressed in every look, in all thinking and acting. Many a person will now probably think that this is not at all possible without appearing too artificial and too obvious. But this is not so! The more the true worship of God breaks through the more natural will man become in all he does, even in his most simple movements.

He then swings in honest gratitude to his Creator and enjoys the blessings in the purest form. Jubilant thanks, supreme bliss, should vibrate in every word for the Grace which God once bestowed upon mankind. In so far as this Grace can at all be valued among men; for the human spirit is incapable of grasping the real greatness of it in its entirety! But for that you seek in vain everywhere. Therefore, a fair and rational person must reject the Grail message if it contradicts the Bible.

Here are some examples of these contradictions:. The bandage fell. Jesus had been a Messiah from birth and He knew who He was even at age 12, long before being baptised Lk. The Old Testament gave many precise prophecies about the birth, lineage, ministry, and mission of Christ centuries before He came in the flesh. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again.

Since Jesus is the God-Man, He is above natural laws. Only His physical body died — not His spirit nor soul — and only His body rose again. Every instance of resurrection in the Bible is a return to life of physical bodies. They could have been more than three. God — not men — protected Jesus as a child. Who was the eye-witness to these events? These are concocted stories without a shred of historical documentation. This is the belief that God and the universe are one.

This is also seen in the Grail book:. The same applies to trees, stones, and the whole earth. God is separate and distinct from the works of His hands. The God of the Grail message is not the God of the Bible. What you do for your neighbour you do in reality only for yourselves!

But the Bible teaches forgiveness as a gift God offers by grace to all who trust in the perfect sacrifice of Christ Rom. Belief in Karma is illogical, unbiblical and amoral. It is an erroneous belief that emanated from Hinduism. Do not delay a single hour in setting a limit to this enforced atonement! The honest volition for what is good, for something better, reinforced by a truly heartfelt prayer, will bring redemption!

Here and now is our opportunity! Choose ye this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth. What a free license for sexual immorality! Hence the free unfolding of these spiritual powers is hindered. This is a classic occult concept which involves creating a psychic shield. Some call it psychic vibrations or protective energies. In the Grail message, they are taught that every living thing has its own spiritual vibration and when your vibration homogenizes with another, your spiritual covering is sustained.

Such metaphysical nonsense are the lies of the devil. The only safe and secure protection is in Jesus Christ and His finished work at the cross. Any other supposed protection is a grand deception. This island is separate from the world. The lily festival is said to be especially for women. The star, dove as well as the cross have esoteric meanings within the Grail movement and other occult groups.

Oskar himself wrote:. If you are seeking an interaction with a false god, false Christ and demonic entities, then you need the Grail message. But if you want truth, peace, eternal life and a relationship with the true God, study and meditate on the Bible.

Thanks for throwing light on this. Like Liked by 1 person. Beware what you say! For you have bound yourself and those who believe with you with the errors in this blog except you retrace your steps. It is wise and safe for you to keep dead quiet than to mislead people with what you say!! Like Liked by 2 people. Oh please keep your lame, puerile threat to yourself. If there are errors on this blog, you are welcome to refute the articles.

That should be a more logical thing to do than issuing bombastic threats and dogmatic declarations behind a device. In fact, for this message, I will publish another one. But if you want to vent, feel free to do that. As long as there is freedom of speech and freedom of conscience in place, no religious group or religious book is above scrutiny, attack or criticism. Then lock the Grail message in your private vault.

There is no error in this post. Grail Message is very satanic but the followers are blinded by being in the dark represented as light. Even the Bible says that Satan has disguised himself as an angel of light. I sincerely do wish you well and pray you come an understanding one day that there is no particular religion in Paradise and so what takes you there are your moral deeds.

Yeah, because in your sweet little world, no one, I mean, no one must be allowed to criticize the Grail Message. You guys should forthwith take your wailing somewhere else. Or, address the issues raised in the article instead. Like Like. The Grail massage its a spiritual book;its not meant for everybody,its not for canal man like you,its not meant for religious fanatics like you,ITs meant for those who still carry within them the spark of truth.

Good write up from you Victor. I love the write-up. Well articulated and exposing the errors. Kindly drop yours or you could contact me via the email.

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