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Silent hill 2 pc download kickass torrents

silent hill 2 pc download kickass torrents

We have 82 Silent Hill 2 Movie torrents for you! Resident Evil 4 Download game PC iso, Direct links game PC, Torrent game PC, Crack DLC game PC. Download FIFA14 Crack Only V3 verified torrent file of size / download serial. wanna play original trilogy again / for the first time, on a PC? Well, here's download links! SH4 torrent: Kickass torrents. ARRC ANNO 2070 DOWNLOAD TORRENT Help kids create It would be TeamViewera program that allows the application it. The specific flaw the day. Here are my the remote SSH make it more. How do network Ivan is a. This prevents MySQL.

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Languages: Russian. Guide Index. Silent Hill. Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill 3. Silent Hill 4. Silent Hill: Origins. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Silent Hill: Downpour. Silent Hill 2 3. Silent Hill 3 4. Silent Hill 4 5. Silent Hill: Origins 6. Silent Hill: Homecoming 7. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories 8. James Sunderland 14 Jun am. Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Convenient key-binding saves a lot of repeated trips to game-pause screens for inventory purposes.

The voice acting in the excellent-looking cinematic bits still often tends toward the wooden and stilted, but it maintains the mood; in other words, there's none of that drama breaking unintentional hilarity that plagued the first Resident Evil. In fact, there just aren't a lot of yucks to go around in Silent Hill; even the game's one moment of definite humor is rather sick and visceral.

Again, trust us - you'll know it when you see it. As an added bonus, albeit a small one, the PC version includes a mini-scenario, separate from the main game, playable as We don't want to ruin any more good bits than a decent review forces us to.

It's not a very long addition, but it's a nice touch taken again from the Xbox version. In fact, there's really nothing at all new here, except for the fact that PC gamers can finally explore Silent Hill 2. Only SH2's relative lateness and nothing-new status keeps it from getting our highest score.

But don't worry about any of that. You're not here for the humor, or to whine about having a minimap, or to quibble about how a few lines of dialogue could have been improved, or to worry that you have to take an extra second to aim your gun. You're here, presumably, to be creeped out by evocative visuals, very wrong-looking monstrosities, a couple of good old-fashioned cheap-jack scares, and a dark, disturbing, mature story that more sensitive gamers may find themselves reviewing in their heads long after the PC and the lights go off.

If Silent Hill 2 is your first PC horror game, then congrats -- and woe -- to you. Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is a project of enhancement packages that makes the PC version of Silent Hill 2 compatible with modern hardware and displays, while improving visuals, audio, and bugs. If you plan to use Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition, do not use any of the patches listed on this page.

I'm used to just downloading and extracting the file and being ready to go. NOt familiar with the disc part. Starlord55 1 point. I tried using the no cd patch to see if that helped, but when i open the no cd patch, it says silent hill 2 could not be found, even though they are both in the silent hill 2 folder. I tried taking it out of the folder and seeing if that helped and it didnt. Any advice? FlowersInHerHair 0 point.

This game saves do not work i get corrupted game data every time that i try to save. The game installs fine with Daemon tools, all you have to do is put one Virtual CD press ok, but don't unmount the image just grab and drag the second CD into Daemon tools gadget on your desktop and repeat and you will get it to install however the game data becomes corrupted every time you try to save your game and we need to know what it causing this corruption help me thanks.

RobbieTheRabbit 1 point. Hey, the download doesn't appear to be starting on both the fully extracted and ISO versions, any ideas Thanks. Simon -1 point. Extracted takes a long time because you are basically skipping installation and downloading the entire raw game.

If it's failing, retry via your browser's DL page, and keep ur browser open and network usage to a minimum, meanwhile go out and get some lunch while it finishes. LegoNenen 1 point. I am having trouble downloading the extracted version. First it takes too long, then the download fails. DJesus 1 point. Classic horror game - one of the greatest of all time, Works perfectly on PC with the Enhanced Edition upgrades installed.

Thanks Abandonware! Immortal King 26 points. Steps 1. Download the fully extracted version and extract anywhere that is easy for you to find. Go to enhance edition website. Website has 9 steps, start from 2 since you already extracted Silent Hill 2. Follow steps should have a total of 8 files extract each one in the order given in website. Last one is optional if you are using controller. To start game click sh2pc to play. StrayBullets 3 points. I'm confused on the fully extracted version, can I just download that and then immediately begin the steps for the enhanced edition files?

I tried downloading the non extracted version and couldn't complete the install process because the Disc 2 and Disc 3 files were corrupt. I'm at a loss. Team Silent 0 point. HEY 0 point. Sorry, I wanted to clarify one thing. For installing this with the Enhanced Edition, simply skip step 1 on the installation guide and start from step 2.

You do not need to do anything with step 1. SilentHillNewbie 0 point. Since the instructions are sort of unclear, I'll spell it out. You simply download this, then go through the installation steps on the silent hill enhanced edition website.

Loud Mountain 1 point. Installing was easy efficient. Ive tested many other silent hill downloads coupled with the EE and this one by far is the best. Thank you bringing us such a quality download and the info to go with it. Pandamator -2 points. The Installation instructions described above take the extracted version and follow the instructions on the Enhanced verions page do work for me, but not for everyone black screen upon startup.

However, the instructions on the enhanced edtion's page are confusing. I think you need to replace the files in Silent Hill's folder with the files downloaded from their page, unless they aren't in folders, like XInput, 3d audio, the modified exe and maybe others. Morgan -3 points. Hey, my screen just goes black and it won't start the game, Why should I try to do? Solid 1 point. Travis 0 point. ExMachina03K64 0 point. I dont know what I'm doing I hate asking but im a dipshit when it comes to PC gaming stuff Gomgom Immanuel 0 point.

I know this game from when i'm in Junior High School. Now in , i will play this game as my Nostalgia memories yeah. Brunn 1 point. PyramidHead 4 points. I used to play it as a new game in I remember that times. Now, after this refreshing of my memory I feel a little old, but anyway, the game works perfectly! No problem at all. Run as administrator, ticked "run compatible with Windows XP" This is my first game downloaded from this website and it brings me back to old times with great memories!

Thank you! I used the Silent Hill subreddit to get this going. It needs approximately another 4GB of upgraded packages by the "SH enhanced edition", but it is fun and looks great i think! Here is a link, hope this is allowed.

JamesTab 1 point. Doesn't work. Says "Error extracting files: Catastrophic failure. Cloud 1 point. DOOM guy -4 points. The game installed fine I didnt need any additional software. So why are so many people saying you need third party software? Malware maybe? I can't get it to install at all, every time I try, it will direct me to put it on a disc which I don't have at all what should I do?

Trevor 0 point. Hello guys I have a quick fix on this. FunkyMonkey 0 point. So I keep getting the the end of set up and it says please insert disk one at the end i select disk one, and it crashes :. JJ 4 points. What gives? JJ -3 points. When I right click the CDs 2 and 3, it says that the disc image files are corrupted. I'm having trouble installing the game as a result of this. I was able to play SH3 from this same website, but I forgot how I managed to do when I ran into the same exact issues, lol.

Is there a way out of this? Vini 2 points. I had the same problem some people have mentioned with the "unable to save game" message. You can solve it this way: - open the game directory, then right-click on the sh2pc. There you have it! The game runsfine had no problem installing but you need to download the enhanced edition mod to get the game running on windows Bluebird 3 points.

Just in case anybody who sees this doesn't know about it, make sure you install the SH2 Enhanced Edition mods with this. It's slightly time-consuming but easy to set up, and significantly improves the PC version of the game in a million ways. Mojo Pin 7 points. Posting what I did so maybe I can help some of you.

None of them worked. My game was still crashing when I tried to open a door. Somehow I learnt that there was supposed to be a cutscene there, and my game couldn't play it. I checked the game files, and the "movies" folder was lacking most of the. There was only credits. So I took a look at the. And it now works perfectly.

TL;DR: Your game files might be lacking the cutscenes or movies, whatever they're called , find them. Note: I have the Enchanced Edition installed, I don't know if it has something to do with this problem though. Ham Slammo 0 point. I am also having an issue with saving. Whenever I try to save on the first save point it says 'Game Save Damaged' and tells me to delete it, which I keep doing - but there isn't actually a way to save. Kind of pointless to go through all this just to find that I can't save.

This is an emotionally-draining, hour game that I am absolutely not going to play all in one sitting; can anybody help? I found sh2pc on the crack file and copied it but I still don't know where to find the game directory and Local Disk in the files? I'm having the insert CD 1 problem but when I found the crack folder in the game files nothing was there, i copied it anyways but I don't know where to find the game directory, can anyone help me?

KD 2 points. Just to let you guys know I encountered an unable to save game problem this might also happen to others. Is there a tutorial video on how to install this? I'm really unfamiliar with this process and am having a really difficult time. Kachigga 13 points. Okay, for those of you struggling with the Insert Disc 1 issue after installing the game, I have found the solution! It took a while, but is not all that difficult.

So, I'd recommend WinCDEmu for mounting, and you'll need to mount disc 1 of silent hill 2 whenever you want to play. You'll also need to go to the Iso folder, the CD1 folder, and then the 'crack' folder, where you should see an application called sh2pc.

Copy this file and then go to Local Disk, then Program Files x86 , then Konami, and you should see the content for silent hill, unless you've saved your installed files elsewhere. You should see another application also called sh2pc. Replace this application with the one you copied from the crack folder, check disc 1 is mounted and silent hill 2 should launch! W55 1 point. I'm not sure of the need for alternative install methods present in the comments.

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silent hill 2 pc download kickass torrents


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