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As for the other two hospitals, West Kent PCT is responsible for the Tunbridge Wells hospital and, sadly, it will withdraw its support from April That decision has been temporarily rescinded pending a legal challenge by patients. I urge the Minister to look closely at what happened at Tunbridge Wells, where the decision was very unwelcome.

Bristol homeopathic hospital has also suffered considerable cuts. So, why is there a problem? The Government claim that they are increasing choice, but the impact from the perspective of a homeopathic hospital is quite different. If the Minister reflects on the White Papers that have been published in recent years, he will see that they all suggest that choice will increase. That appears to guarantee the right to choose treatment at the homeopathic hospitals.

The White Paper stated the intention to give the public more informed choices as regards their health. The Government are certainly failing to do that as far as the homeopathic hospitals are concerned. Another issue is the introduction of evidence-based practice, which tries to specify the way in which professionals or other decision makers should make decisions. Naturally, as its name suggests, it places a greater emphasis on evidence. The practice guide, however, asks for evidence-based design and development decisions to be made after reviewing information from repeated, rigorous data-gathering.

That militates against complementary and alternative medicine, where there may not be a huge number of rigorous or repeated databases to work from. There is not a vast quantity of studies and that has been used against complementary medicine as an excuse. The methodology of assessing CAM might also be unfamiliar to primary care trusts.

It might also be difficult to record accurately exactly how homeopathy, for example, treats. It is always different for individual patients, and that can be difficult to record. Sometimes, the treatments require a combination of remedies. For example, the scale of prescribing is in reverse so that the weaker the dose, the more powerful or effective it is. That subject has always been hotly disputed by many doctors, but homeopathic treatments have been operating on the reverse scale of prescribing for years.

There are similar problems with acupuncture and its acceptance, as some doctors and commissioners do not necessarily believe in meridians. The same issue occurs with herbs that are unknown in this country. Another simpler explanation of why complementary services, and the homeopathic commission in particular, have been cut recently is that they are the easiest therapy to cut.

Just as advertising gets cut when times get hard in business, when the primary care trusts try to balance their budgets under the new devolved arrangements they often go for homeopathy and other complementary therapies as the soft target. The most important point that I want to make to the Minister is that I believe that we need proper guidelines on commissioning for primary care trusts. I have said as much several times at Health questions. At present there are no proper guidelines, with the result that PCTs have little direction at a time when many are under financial pressure.

Indeed, they often cite that financial pressure as one of the main reasons for not commissioning homeopathy. Also, PCTs claim that there is not enough evidence to support the use of homeopathy. The Smallwood report took a look at the cost-effectiveness of complementary medicine. Smallwood argued strongly that some complementary therapies were more effective and cost-effective than traditional treatments.

He also wanted the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence to assess their cost-effectiveness, but that has never been done. I hope that the Minister will be able to help with that. I intend to write to the Public Accounts Committee to see whether it will undertake an assessment, and I have had discussions to that effect with my hon.

Friend the Member for Gainsborough Mr. Another problem that homeopathic hospitals have had to face is ill informed and hostile media coverage, as well as a dirty tricks campaign. The Government have never written to PCTs to refute that document. I want to allow the Minister time to reply, because the fate of the Royal London Homeopathic hospital is of great concern internationally.

I shall illustrate that, and the importance of the treatment, by looking at the results that have been achieved in Africa by homeopaths who have been trained at the hospitals that I have mentioned. Those results are especially instructive, as the homeopaths involved are treating patients with AIDS, HIV or other serious diseases such as malaria, in countries where the problems are very great.

There has also been considerable success in the use of the local herb product called neem as a homeopathic medicine. It has produced what has been described as. I shall close with a note about what is happening in Swaziland in southern Africa. I know a homeopath who has worked there well, and I asked her for a description of what was happening in the clinics there. Her letter to me states:. In addition I travelled around with a mobile clinic reaching other very remote areas. The letter goes on to say that other homeopaths were brought in to help, and that the clinic treated patients who came from as much as miles away.

The letter states that the homeopathic treatments have achieved success rates of close to per cent. That is a very important issue for developing countries. Homeopathy is so inexpensive that it is available to everyone.

When homeopathic services are introduced, they tend to increase in size very quickly. Therefore, Homeopathy is excellent value and has saved countless lives as well as alleviating the suffering of the countless unemployed, elderly and orphaned in Swaziland. We will of course continue with our work.

At the end of a day, when we simply cannot see any more patients, the remaining untreated patients usually start fighting among each other as to who will be the last to be seen. A true vote of confidence! I hope that the Minister can reassure me on guidelines for primary care trusts so that we have more effective commissioning. I hope that he will refute those statements made in the name of his Department and that he will commission NICE to look at the cost-effectiveness of homeopathy in line with the request of the Smallwood report.

More worrying than the claims about homeopathy being brilliant for every illness known to mankind is the warm response this speech received from the Labour health person, you can read the rest here. I should say that I am completely agnostic on the question on homeopathy on the NHS, and I think my position on the merits of placeboes is well known. I was very interested to read your speech on homeopathy in parliament yesterday.

There really is no reason not to do proper research on alt med, and of course there might well be something in some of it. This has now been covered quite magnificently by the redoubtable Gimpy. February 20, at pm. And, extensive use of homeopathy in Swaziland, eh? Would that be the same Swaziland that has an average life expectancy of 36? The sad thing about this is that there are parts of his speech that I could go along with, for example:. I therefore used to believe that homeopathy could have a role to play in providing safe placeboes and on-going support, and that could prove to be cost-effective in diverting people away from unneccessary consultations and treatments.

However towards the end of his speech, David Tredinnick succinctly reminds me why I no longer believe this to be the case. This seems to me to be especially unwelcome in places such as Swaziland, where people hardly have the benefits of choice and access to other sources of information that we have, and have a much greater burden of life-threatening and eminently treatable disease.

I feel the behaviour of these people is irresponsible, and we should continue to try to save others from their well-meaning nonsense. Are these highly positive RLHH studies some kind of urban myth in homeopathic circles? To be cost-effective, the treatment has to be clinically effective; only then can we decide if the improvement in health gained is worth the cost.

Does anyone remember the episode of MASH where Hawkeye was dishing out sugar pills to everyone and they all felt miraculously better? I take it you guys have not been studying the Organon. Hahnemann has written, on the subject of disease:. But if treated with violent allopathic remedies, other diseases will be formed in its place which are more difficult and dangerous to life. This anti-medicine stance has always been with homeopathy and always will be. Hi folks. Newb here. So to suggest that homeopathy is useful as a placebo is going to be profoundly insulting, accurate or not.

You guys know that right? I just wanted to clear that up. We have had some woos trying to deny that there are homeopaths bothering sick people in Africa and claiming to cure AIDS etc, but here is their pet MP taking careful aim and shooting them in the foot.

February 21, at am. I dunno really. It seems to me that the homeopathy placebo efffect can really only work if the homeopath actually believes. I think quite a few of the people here would stop bothering homeopaths, if only they would also stop bothering us with claims on tax payers money, pushing pills to children, dangerous activities particularly re. HIV, Africa , corrupting science, etc.

But on the other hand its very difficult to avoid causing offence if you are saying that someone is completely wrong. So they incorrectly think that you are accusing them of being deluded. But sometimes people are wrong. But some homeopaths are taking their beliefs to their logical conclusion and advising people not to take antibiotics, vaccines etc, as its all part of allopathy. That type of wrong really needs to be argued against. There are similar problems with acupuncture and its acceptance as some doctors and commissioners do not necessarily believe in meridians.

I think the assumption of ignorance is wrong too — of course you can understand something without subscribing to it as Andrew Taylor pointed out recently in a comment on Blogging the Organon. February 21, at pm. The sceptic, however, takes as a starting point that delusion is remarkably easy to induce in the human mind.

We are all deluded to one degree or another about many of our beliefs. The trick is to build up a stock of defenses against that. The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool. So you have to be very careful about that. Non medically qualified homeopaths, without exception, fail to see the importance of this advice.

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