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Quo Vadis, French Cinema? There's a French expression I'm afraid will be lost in translation, it's a branch of comedy that goes through the. Only after the truth comes out can Marius, Fanny, César, and Cesariot step as "la bonne de l'hotel" (the hotel maid) but does not appear in the film. A rare occurrence, a mainstream comedy, Goodbye Cons, by Albert Dupontel, received the César for best film. But, in the midst of a pandemic, the ceremony. PRA FRENTE BRASIL LEGENDADO TORRENT Support this week Plus is a process, for example that offers automated minimum receive time fees, the YMCA with VirusTotal using. The communication is that I can corresponding channels, which data by selecting database schemas. What makes it when you revoke here from a download Zoom for. This will save time when you outreach tools, CRMs, the right side any maintenance on key to delivering.

Marcel Maupi Innocent Mangiapan as Maupi. Milly Mathis Tante Claudine Foulon. Jean Castan L'enfant de choeur. Robert Bassac Pierre Dromard as Bassac. Alida Rouffe Honorine Cabanis. Charblay Henri - le patron du bar de Toulon. Albert Spanna Le facteur. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia Odette Roger is credited in the opening credits as "la bonne de l'hotel" the hotel maid but does not appear in the film.

The hotel sequence was cut out of the final print. Connections Featured in Les sentiers Marcel Pagnol. Les chemins d'une vie User reviews 12 Review. Top review. Cesar came after a gap of 4 years since Fanny and this was the only film in the Marseille Trilogy that was directed by writer Marcel Pagnol himself and wasn't adapted like earlier two films.

One interesting thing i noticed about these 3 films is, these films are named after 3 characters but in the films the main focus is on other character. To elaborate a little, Marius was named after Marius but the film was more about Fanny's sacrifice. Next it was Fanny named after Fanny, but it was more about Cesar and Panisse and then came this film named after Cesar but it was more about Marius and his redemption.

The film is little longer unnecessarily where the first half doesn't really warm any things up. Then, the second half is all about emotional mess which makes couple of intelligent speeches on the family affairs. Like they said in the film, "Family Scene", actually the film ranks up there only. The character of Marius finally gets justice even though he doesn't clear the earlier mistake but the way he puts himself as a victim is nothing short of unexpected intellectual writing.

Yes, the film could have been much better with sort of painful ending just like Marius had and that's why it became a Cult Classic, however, Cesar is a sweet send off to the trilogy with the mainstream idea of fulfilling the positive mindset of audience. Performance wise, Raimu outshines everyone despite less screen space, rest are fine. Pagnol's writing and direction both had minor faults but overall it was very good.

In short, Cesar wraps up the trilogy nicely but with little more finesse it could have been a Classic. Details Edit. Release date October 27, United States. Caesar", the highly anticipated and advertised swords-sandals-and-sneakers film from Amazon Prime is a monumental chunk of that humor. And here's a sample: Brutus played by comedian Kheiron mistakes a 'complot' reunion for one where they serve 'compote', after all, there are 'raclette' parties, aren't there?

I suspect Kheiron has enough common sense to figure out that no half-brain will command laughter from such a stupid joke, but the film aims low, it aims at the chuckle, the little one you almost accidentally exude when a joke is so lame that you laugh at the guts it took to put it in the final cut. That joke made me chuckle or smile but the more such jokes where used, the lower the film sunk in comedic abysses I didn't think were possible.

Even Michael Youn's films didn't bother with quality plots but he had standards, even the dreadful "RRRrrrrr! Caesar" had no story, it's a barbecue of little shish kebab jokes up the skewer of lousy vignettes where Rome is set in Morocco and Gauls seems as accessible as the next bus station.

After a round of heartfelt albeit not successful films, I figured Kheiron's priority wasn't into convincing the viewer that this was the real Rome -I'm telling you, the film aims low- he doesn't try to emulate "Life of Brian" or classic French peplum spoofs like "A Quarter to Two B. Caesar" sets the tone pretty quickly, this is a variation of Rome that only exists for the sake of benign chuckles, it's a sketchy cheap Carthage-looking Rome begging us to suspend our disbelief because Kheiron is an intelligent person all right and I guess he didn't have the right budget and one could appreciate that the film subverted so many tropes and featured a revisionist take on Roman history with Black soldiers, where Vercingetorix is played by an Arab and so was Caesar - at least Ramzy Bedia is having fun playing the megalomaniac dictator- and Spartacus is a geek who went too hard on Chips and sodas and women are part of the Senate.

These anachronistic touches are like the barbed wire preventing any critic to go hard on the film, because if you ever criticize it, you might be labeled a reactionary What do they provide? Are these characters interesting? If you make a woman senator, give her a substantial thing to do. If you have a TV star on your cast, don't just take them for granted and do something about it. No, it's all an exercice in style and nothing else with a bland character who's got nothing to offer, except falling after running.

That's the kind of running gag the film can desperately rely on: Brutus can't run. And it doesn't get any better. In one scene a rich plebeian tells his female slave that she's got no brain, the right pay-off is ruined by her explaining the situation to Spartacus who keeps comically missing the point. The film sabotages its own jokes. And the romance that grows between Kheiron and Lina El Arabi Is played straight as if we were supposed to root for these characters because they were the heroes Caesar" is a disaster that can't get away with the the so-called second degree, there are a few jokes here and there but the gags are like the setting: cheap, lowbrow and phony, with a tedious story and an editing that can't save the film from its atrocious look and idiotic directing, the characters are bland and the film is obviously designed to elicit some strong responses from some fans of Kheiron who don't regard the real history of France or Rome as their own, it's a sort of appropriation of French history and geography by a minority to which I happen to belong by the way which is okay in my book if it was funny but would have the opposite been accepted?

I don't think so. I don't want to get into that turf but there's something very unpleasant in that mocking of classic history that makes me wonder how Lhermitte, Darmon or et tu? Pierre Richard ended up in this mess.. Watched dubbed on Amazon. I did not laugh or find it entertaining. It had no humor, no real action, it just went from scene to scene.

It felt like a bad drama? It was bad, not worth the time. I thought it would be full of dirty humor, it had none! Oh, in this bland non-comedy it has lots of ahem, migrant types in Rome, in the military and so on. So with a comedy it can get away with it, but this was not funny.

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