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A node has a similar, also unique node-id, which is defined over the same bit long keyspace as an infohash. When a torrent client starts up for the first time, it chooses its node-id at random. Since node-ids and infohashes have the same length, it is easy to compare nodeids against one another or node-ids with infohashes.

Thus we can define a distance function which gives us a metric to compare how close two values, i. So the smaller the Each node has a routing table which contains contact information for other nodes in the DHT.

A node knows more nodes whose node-ids are close to his own node-id than nodes whose node-ids are far away. A node also knows about the location of peers who provide access to a file with a similar infohash to the node s own node-id. If a torrent client wants to find peers to download a file from, it uses the routing table of its node.

In the routing table, it searches for the node-ids which are closest to the infohash of the file the client wants to download. It then contacts these nodes and asks them if they know about peers who can provide pieces of the file. If the asked node knows about peers who have the file with that infohash, it returns those peers. The torrent client can now start downloading from these peers.

If the asked node doesn t know about any peers, it searches its own routing table for nodes closest to the infohash and returns them. The original node now asks the received nodes about the infohash, repeating the process. In the end, the original node receives the contact information of peers, which he can download from [7].

BitTorrent Basics 8 The Figure 2. At step 1 in the figure, the peer searches for nodes with node-ids close to the file s infohash. Nodes N2 and N3 have similar node-ids and are asked if they know about that particular infohash. Node N3 knows that Peer1 has the file and sends the contact information of Peer1 as a response, denoted as step 2 in the figure. Node N2 doesn t know any peers itself. Shown as step 3 in the figure, N2 searches its own routing table and returns the contact information of node N5, whose node-id is close to the asked infohash.

Figure 2. But kickass. These aspects distinguish it from other torrent search engines like thepiratebay. Torrent uploaders can optionally provide additional information, for example the cast, the release date or a summary of the plot in the case of movies. In this thesis we call this collection identifier the kickass affiliation.

Each hour, about new torrents get added to kickass. Overall the website contains about 6 million torrents. Since the founding of kickass. The most recent switch was to the Somalian. A MySQL database was used to store and exchange data between the 5 parts. The structure of this thesis, the interactions between the programs and the tables they modify and access in the MySQL database are illustrated in Figure 3. Figure 3. Implementations The Torrent Crawler As building a recommendation system for torrents is the topic of this thesis, a logical starting point was to gather data about torrents.

To collect data from the torrent search engine kickass. It is the most frequented torrent search engine in the world and is providing more metadata than similar sites. In this thesis, a program was developed named torrent crawler.

A MySQL database was used to store the data gathered by the torrent crawler. The approach to the crawler was twofold: to analyse all currently existing torrents on kickass. Based on this insight, the crawler is split into two parts. The first part uses an archive file provided by kickass. This file is generated every 24 hours and contains a full data dump of the torrents.

The archive file is a large text file and for each torrent contains the infohash and name of that torrent plus the link where that torrent can be found on kickass. The crawler calls each link in the archive and analyses it separately, to then store it in the database with the additional information gained from the website.

This first part of the crawler uses a multi threaded approach to work through the archive. Memory mapping was used to efficiently access the data. The archive file was downloaded on 12th of November and is 1. As the crawler worked through the archive, it regularly checked the newly added torrents. This achieves storing all information about torrents from kickass. The second part of the crawler would be responsible to analyse the newly added torrents to kickass.

Again a multi threaded approach was used to access a page on kickass. Like in the first part, each of these torrent pages would be analysed and then together with the gathered information be inserted into the MySQL database. On kickass. Obligatory entries are a magnet link, the category and the amount of seeders and leechers of the torrent.

One of the optional fields is the kickass affiliation mentioned in Section 2. It groups torrents which have the same content together by the kickass affiliation. For example a Spanish language version and an English language version of a movie may have the same kickass affiliation.

There are other optional fields but in this thesis, 1. Implementations 12 only the kickass affiliation and the IMDb link are used. Either from working through the newly added torrents or the archive, the torrent crawler calls the webpage of a specific torrent. Since it is possible the kickassserver does not respond, the program tries to get the webpage for up to 3 times before moving on. Kickass does work with legal authorities and responds to take down requests, some of torrent webpages are therefore not accessible any more since they got taken down.

Once the torrent crawler program gets a response from the server containing the webpage in the HTML format, the torrent crawler uses regular expressions to parse the response. We first need to get the infohash of the torrent. This is done by analysing the magnet contained in the webpage.

As explained in Section 2. Next we need to get the amount of seeders and leechers of the torrent, which is done by using regular expressions on the website to filter for leechers and seeders. Identifying the category of the torrent works in similar fashion.

In a last step we search the wepgage for optional information like a kickass affiliation or an IMDb link, again doing so by using regular expressions. Having gathered all the information needed about a single torrent the torrent crawler inserts the data into the MySQL database. This information consists of: the category of the torrent, the amount of seeders and leechers, the infohash and, if available, the IMDb link and the kickass affiliation.

For this purpose, another program was written during the course of this thesis called the DHT crawler. At first, the torrent crawler doesn t know any nodes. It therefore contacts the BitTorrent bootstrap node at router. Having contact information for nodes is not enough to efficiently find peers. Implementations 13 of torrents. So the program asks the nodes in its routing table for new nodes and inserts them into the routing table as well.

This process is repeated until the routing table of the DHT crawler contains contact information of about 1. At this time, the program knows enough nodes in the DHT to efficiently find peers for torrents. After the initialization of the DHT crawler has finished, it can start searching for peers of a specific torrent.

However, the program doesn t search all torrents we found with the torrent crawler from Section 3. A lot of torrents are old or outdated and have very few seeders and leechers left. Finding peers for these torrents would be futile and not contribute in a noticeable way to the recommendations. Since there are only few users downloading these torrents, the overlap with other users, on which the recommendations are based, would be negligible. Because of this, the DHT crawler only analyses torrents whose number of seeders and leechers surpass a predefined threshold.

We can access the amount of seeders and leechers for a torrent in our database. The threshold of seeders and leechers was chosen to be For each torrent which has more than 45 seeders and leechers the DHT crawler now looks for peers. It does so by reading the infohash of that torrent from the MySQL database and searching for nodes in its routing table which have a similar node-id as this infohash.

The found nodes are then contacted and asked if they know about that particular infohash. If they do know about peers and return the contact information of these peers, we store them. If the asked nodes don t know any peers, they return other nodes which the crawler inserts in its routing table. The DHT crawler does that several times, receiving peers in the process. These peers are inserted into two new tables in the MySQL database. The associated table stores which peers download or uploads which torrent, while the peers table stores the IP address and port number of each peer.

The first being the collection of torrents and information about them see Section 3. The next task is the actual recommendation system based on the collected data. But instead of running the recommendation on the raw data, we want to modify our data. The main reasoning behind this modification is, that our data treats two different torrents about the same movie as two different entities which are. Implementations 14 not connected in any way. For example an English language version of a movie and a Spanish language version of the same movie are not recognized as belonging together.

Making recommendations based on the raw data, would mean that downloaders of the Spanish and English version of the movie would be treated separately even though they have the same taste in movies. A third program was written called the Database Merger to alleviate this problem. In Section 3. These two attributes will become very useful when merging the tables in the database.

The goal of this merging was to create two new MySQL tables named mergedtorrents and mergedassociated. The recommendation system would later use these two tables to generate recommendations. Some torrents found with the torrent crawler have IMDb links.

Only torrents about movies or TV-Shows can have these entries. Every torrent on the other hand can have a kickass affiliation. The kickass affiliation is an id used by kickass. The database merger program uses both of these attributes to create the mergedtorrents and the mergedassociated tables. The program first loads the raw data form the MySQL database into memory. These tables are the torrents table created by the torrent crawler program and the associated table created by the DHT crawler program.

It is important to note that only torrents above a predefined threshold of seeders and leechers are considered, the same threshold used in the DHT crawler. When reading entries from the MySQL database into memory for the first time, two dictionaries are used to group torrents which have the same IMDb link or kickass affiliation. Dictionaries are hash-tables, which in this case, get used to store a list of torrents for each kickass affiliation string or IMDb link. Using this method, we can easily find all torrents which have the same IMDb link or kickass affiliation.

After having read the raw data into memory and creating the two dictionaries, the program iterates through each torrent. It then looks up all torrents which have the same kickass affiliation or IMDb link in the dictionaries and inserts them into the mergedtorrents table with the same merge id. So all torrents about the same content have the same merge id. Similarly, the program goes through all entries in the associated table and stores all downloaders we grouped before under the same merge id.

This procedure results in the two tables mergedtorrents and mergedassociated which contain IP-addresses of downloaders for each merge id. Torrents which have the same content are assigned the same merge id. This allows the recommendation system to generate more useful recommendations. Persons who have. Implementations 15 the same taste will now be recognised by the system even when they download different versions of the same content.

A program named recommender was written to generate recommendations based on the data collected and merged previously. The recommender first reads the two tables mergedassociated and mergedtorrents form the MySQL database. Item based collaborative filtering first calculates the similarity between two torrents for all torrents in the database.

As soon as the similarity for each pair of torrents is known, the program can compute recommendations. The recommender computes a prediction value for each torrent for each user. The torrents with the highest prediction values are then the recommendations for a user.

The prediction value of a torrent is the sum of all similarities between the torrent and the torrents downloaded by the user divided by the sum of all similarities between the torrent and all other torrents [11]. The website offers information about the thesis and instructions how to use the recommendation service. Implementations 16 The website first checks if the visitor s IP address is already in the system.

If the system already knows about the visitor, it does not require any input from the visitor and displays the recommendations for him or her directly. If the visitor is unknown to the system, the website provides an input table where the visitor can insert links to his or her favourite torrents on kickass.

The links then get sent to the recommendation system to generate a list of recommended torrents for that user, which in turn get displayed on the browser of the visitor. On first contact, the server uses a message passing system to forward the IP address of the visitor to the recommendation system. If the user is known, the recommendations are passed to the server which in turn sends the information back to the webpage.

If the visitor is unknown to the system, the wepage dynamically displays an input form using jquery. The visitor enters links to his or her favourite torrents, which get sent to the server and passed on to the recommendation system. The generated recommendations get displayed in the webpage as soon as they are available. After analysing each torrent on kickass.

A distribution of the categories of active torrents can be found in Figure 4. A torrent is considered active if it has more than 45 seeders and leechers. There are a total of active torrents in the MySQL database with a total of torrents. Figure 4. This means, the DHT crawler found a user downloading 3.

This means there are on average 7. This can be expected since there are for example not only versions of the same movie in different languages and qualities that get merged together, but the merger also merges episodes of TV shows together, i. Merging the information generated by the DHT crawler, about It is very likely that a user, when she likes a TV show, downloads several episodes of that TV show.

If the DHT crawler catches that user downloading several episodes, the merger merges these entries into one. The Recommender The recommender has about 15 hours to compute the item to item similarity matrix. After the similarity matrix is computed, it takes the recommender one or two seconds to generate recommendations for a single user. To measure the quality of the recommender, a system was used which compares the recommendations made by the recommender with random recommendations [12]. An evaluating mechanism was used to generate a value between zero and one for the recommendations generated by the recommender.

A result below 0. Evaluating the recommendations for about users, a result of 0. An interesting fact is that all of this information is publicly available and easily accessible. This means that everyone can basically see who downloads which torrents, a fact that most torrent users nowadays may be unaware of. That such a distributed system lacks in privacy may seem obvious but many users of torrent networks may be oblivious to the way torrents work and thus be unaware how openly accessible their private information is.

The DHT Mainline is a largely untapped source of data, so collecting and analysing data gathered from the DHT mainline and torrent search engines can offer valuable new insight into the inner workings of peer-to-peer sharing networks. Generating recommendations is a practical example of how to use the gathered data.

Four programs, the torrent crawler, the DHT crawler, the database merger and the recommender were written and a website was created to gather, cluster, generate and display recommendations. August [3] Wang, L. September [4] Ritesh Mittal, D. January [7] Loewenstern, A. January [8] Aberer, K. Breese, D. Pouwelse, P. Garbacki, D. Epema, H. File sharing is the practice of making files available for other users to.

Kartik Krishnan 1 Abstract BitTorrent. Bit Chat is a peer-to-peer instant messaging concept, allowing one-to-one. Evaluation Conclusion Motivation. Efficient content distribution system using file swarming. Usually does not perform all the functions. Trace analysis of Tribler BuddyCast V. Jantet, D. Epema, M. Ernst Biersack Prof. Thorsten Strufe Prof. Pietro Michiardi Illustration: Maxim Malevich The focus is on new dimension of internet.

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