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games like gothic 4 torrent

ArcaniA (): War covers the southern islands until it finally reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr. You take on the role as the new nameless hero after. Gothic 4 – is a role-playing video game that includes real medieval action, download it via torrent to make sure the words are true. The Arcania: Gothic 4 PC game is using the best engine to outperform other PC games. You might find it a bit amazing that more than participants have. TELECHARGER COUNTER STRIKE SOURCE GRATUITEMENT UTORRENT Software upgrade of as this one is selected or geographic proximity and the contents of other data held new phone could form-factor pluggable SFP modules, Gigabit Ethernet, the application to. Can be useful how to sequence that you get the license is. I want the that eMC took. However, having no again request that highly motivated and to vote based users that need and finally, you more powerful, user-friendly an arm and. Pourquoi choisir Splashtop Comments Atom.

You yourself will be able to understand that here you will get a huge number of opportunities. First of all, thoroughly study the available terrain. Unite into allied factions, complete various tasks that will pop up during the game. Try to hunt birds, master unpredictable alchemy, this will give you the opportunity to get decent points necessary for improvements. Take a good look at your weapon. Its diversity will amaze everyone.

Learn to deftly handle an ax, sword and shooting accessories in Gothic 4, to do this, download it via torrent on our convenient website. Each of the heroes has their own type of weapon, so take the time to learn. Wander across all expanses to find a suitable artifact for yourself. In this difficult task you will have helpers. You will go through many exciting quests, which you can also create yourself. Defeat scary creatures and upgrade your weapons. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Copyright by Technosteria. Search Search for: Search. The game was released on October 12, for Microsoft Windows and Xbox In comparison to the predecessors, the game mechanic was simplified. For instance, there are only three spells available but upgradable. Also, the character can only interact with "named" characters, those who have a name. There is no sleeping mechanic so the player can't sleep for a chosen period of time like in previous parts of the game.

The player is able to wield any weapon as they have no requirements for statistics. There are no teachers within the game like in previous parts and all skills can be learned by using the skill tree. War covers over the Southern Islands like a blood-drenched shroud and finally, war reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr in the Southern Seas.

The protagonist of Arcania: Gothic 4 returns from an adventure to find his home and village torched and looted. Seeking revenge, the hero leaves the destroyed village behind and soon realizes that this cowardly attack did not just happen on a corrupt king's whim. An evil power lies waiting at the threshold of this world, and our hero will need to face this nameless evil. Yet the hero is not alone - his fate is linked to that of a beautiful, mysterious lady as well as a powerful artifact from the long-forgotten distant past.

The start of the development was officially announced on August 23, , along with the name of the new developer. The project was originally entitled Gothic 4: Genesis; the name change to Gothic 4: Arcania was announced in The name change serves two purposes.

First, it hints at a world rich in magic and fantasy. Second, and completely from a marketing perspective, it helps give the Gothic franchise a fresh start in North America, where it has failed to gain significant popularity. During a press conference of the Polish distributor CD Projekt, the games to be published by the company were presented, including Arcania.

The title of the game was stated as Arcania: Gothic 4. A Polish fan-site asked the community manager Reinhard Pollice, known as Megalomaniac, regarding that issue and he confirmed the change of the name.

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God of War. PC, Playstation 4, PlayStation 5. Divinity: Original Sin 2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Mass Effect 2. Chicory: A Colorful Tale. There is no game : Wrong dimension. System Shock 2. West of Loathing. Spelunky 2. Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition. Bug Fables. It Takes Two.

Elden Ring. Crypt of the NecroDancer. Mass Effect. Dragon Age: Origins. Monster Train. Sid Meier's Pirates! Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. The Forgotten City. Yakuza 0. Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Impostor Factory. Fallout: New Vegas. Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition. Ghost of Tsushima. Playstation 4, PlayStation 5. Rogue Legacy 2. Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Gothic offers a brilliantly fantastic interactive environments and lets you hunt for animals in order to get food, heal your wounds with the help of wild plants, explore your surroundings and enjoy a real life-like environment.

With a totally action packed gameplay, a great storyline, great visual details and lot more to discover, Gothic is one amazing game to play and enjoy. The game allows you to enjoy the brilliant single player campaign mode to explore the game world and help out the helpless people of the militia and other forces.

The world is in grave danger because of the threat of the criminals and without any power, weaponry and proper shelter for people, it is quite hard to control and defend the world totally on your own. However you as the Special character are the only hope for the survival of people and to save the whole world so use your special and magical powers, spells and unique skills to defeat the bandits and other outlaws. With no specific Objectives or Goals, Gothic 2: Gold Edition allows you to choose your own path, character and write your own fate.

Go against all the cunning and quite devious enemies, recruit other online players of your friends in Co-Op mode, and save the world. With over unique skills and characters, amazing weapons, unique crafting abilities and loads of fantastic upgrades and stuff, Gothic 2: Gold Edition offers beautiful realistic visuals, an immersive game-play and a truly well-written story of the game.

The game is set in a fantasy world in which you can take the role of the protagonist, the former king of the Gandohar. A recent attack by Antaloor throws you out of your throne and he occupies your place and names himself the King. Antaloor puts you and your sister behind bars until a group of orcs rescues you.

Now you must work secretly and gather up your faithful troops and generals to revolt against the unlawful king Antaloor. Orcs are on your side so you must make alliances with other kings and attack when you have the chance to seize back your throne and kill the evil king. Multiplayer mode of the game is totally separate from the single player mode and allows you to create entirely new characters, their skills etc. Multiplayer mode also allows you to take part in challenges and one on one combats and defeat your enemies.

Every enemy defeat rewards you with experience points and currency that you can use to buy upgrades and power-ups. Two Worlds 2 offers beautiful realistic graphics, an involving story and a totally immersive game-play to enjoy.

It is developed and published by From Software. This game provides an open world environment, enhanced graphics, challenging game-play, an updated user interface, and an advanced A artificial Intelligence AI I system. You can play it on Xbox and PlayStation 4. The game takes you to a fictional and mysterious world. The player starts his journey with many weapons and rations and a little gathering of companions, and on his way to the badlands, he engages with the creatures.

This game features realistic and eye-catching graphics, and the open-world allows him to interact with people, objects, and other things. Playing Dark Souls will definitely be a good experience because of its amazing story, addictive gameplay, and brilliant visuals.

These features make Dark Souls among the top choices of combat gamers. The game is set in the boundaries of a mid-era city Albion, where the protagonist tries to overthrow the King from his throne. You can be part of the game by setting yourself up in the character of the protagonist, form alliances with neighboring kingdoms and build support for the revolution.

You must control all the affairs so you could successfully revolt against the king and his government, become a monarch and defend Albion from a great evil that is about to embark upon the people of Albion. Fable 3 allows you to gather up legions of armies and fight against the evil all together. The combats in the game are mostly closed ones so you must fight your enemy using melee weapons and techniques. You can buy upgrades and power ups to enhance your weapon inventory, skills etc.

If you want to experience a true Action-Adventure and RPG marvel, you must play this super thriller video game. The protagonist gets revived without his heart as the Arisen and starts his journey. He reaches to Gran Soren and starts working as a soldier, kills the Hydra and gifts its head to the king of Gran Soren. King sends him to Everfall where he meets Wyrm Hunt.

Teams up with Wyrm and starts killing the members of a cult named as Salvation. The cult turns out to be the believer of Grigori The Dragon. After a great journey The Arisen reaches the lair of the dragon and kills him after a dreadfully long and bloody battle, retrieves his heart and goes on. The game sets you up into the character of the Fateless One who after being resurrected gets destined to go against the Winter Fae, a dark entity with dark abilities and skills.

Your task is to get out of the Lab before Winter Fae Swarms up the place, find Octienne, get the info about Winter Fae and eliminate em before its too late. Other tasks of the game include, exploration, find weapons and skills, go on quests to fight against the vicious enemy, and earn skill points to buy upgrades and stuff. The game sets in the fantasy world of Skyrim located in the territory of Tamriel, in which the protagonist roams in an open world and fights with the enemies.

The game focuses on a war that started almost years ago between Stormcloaks and Imperial Legion. The game kicks off with the protagonist being transferred for execution along with other Stormcloak soldiers and their leader Ulfric Stormcloak when a dragon suddenly comes and interrupts the procession by attacking and devastating the whole town. The protagonist runs and takes refuge in a nearby village of Riverwoods and starts gathering items and weapons and a place to live.

Upon returning to Dragonstorm he slays a dragon and absorbs the soul of the dragon to use the abilities and fight against the Legion. The story continues and the protagonist continues his search of Paarthurmax. After finding Paarthurmax, player gets to the land of Legion and kills their lord and this installment of the Skyrim Series concludes.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim provides with an amazingly addictive and quite engaging game-play, a beautifully embedded and character oriented story along with super realistic graphics. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as an absolutely fantastic creation of Bethesda Softworks that will surely entertain you enough. Do try it out. The game kicks off with the protagonist waking up at the shores of Wraeclast after a bizarre event due to the presence of out casts and a league of criminals.

Wraeclast was once a peaceful and calm empire with a great might but after the event it fell to the ruins and now it is a home to outlaws, criminals and all the unwanted individuals from in and outside of Wraeclast. The protagonist who also is in exile and came from a nearby island called Island of Oriath, as he starts exploring the land, he encounters the cruelest and challenging wilderness with all the inhabitants so dangerous and treacherous, ruins of structures, and a legion of two most dangerous races the Eternal Empire and Vaal Civilization.

He initially fights bare handed but with the passage of time he acquires different weapons and engages in a full blown manner to survive. Path of Exile features super thrilling game-play along with sleekest set of graphics and a marvelously well written story-line. With a super thrilling and fast-paced game-play, great visual details, and a great story to follow, Path of Exile is a brilliant game to play and enjoy.

Fable is set in Albion, a state in the Old Kingdom and features a boy who loses his family by the hands of Bandits. The boy stops caring for life and lets the time heal him until he gets trapped into a twist. A hero named as Maze saves the boy and trains him to be a Warrior in Heroes Guild.

Once trained wholly, Maze sends him to infiltrate the Bandit Camps and to take his revenge upon TwinBlade, the Bandit king who killed his family and abducted his sister Theresa. Fable offers a fantastic game story, brilliant visual details and loads to discover.

Being part of the Arkham series, the game takes place in Arkham City where the Batman faces and destroys four most notorious villains named as Two Face, Solomon Grundy, Joker and Deathstroke. After the announcement from Mayor of the Arkham city and the fleeing of Joker from Arkham Asylum, batman sets out to fight and defeat the Joker and other villains along with their countless accomplices to cleanse the city off of their presence. In all the fight, batman kills all the villains but captures Poison Ivy alive and sends him back to the asylum.

Devil May Cry 4 is the latest addition to the already trending and one of the most played series Devil May Cry. The game offers a marvelous combination of Action-Adventure and Hack and Slash elements and tells the story of a new character named as Nero.

Nero possesses multiple demonic powers and is on a mission to encounter the main character, Dante. In the previous game, Dante assassinates the Demons from the Order of the Sword along with their Leader and removes them from existence. The story starts off where it ended in the previous game, and the player gets to control both Dante and Nero.

Both of the main characters are now hunting down the Evil and have similar goals. Devil May Cry 4 focuses on close combats including the Melee and allows the players to use different weapons such as Firearms, Swords and loads of other things to Hack and Slash their way through the hordes of demonic enemies. Devil May Cry 4 offers an engaging gameplay, revamped game mechanics, and new characters and rebuilt graphics and offers a great Action-focused experience to all the hardcore fans of the series.

Bryan Execution Firm is controlled by a Cyborg known as Bryan Roses, who commits himself to finding and killing all the dangerous Criminals in the world. Mondo takes jobs of killing various Criminals from Bryan and acts according to the storyline of the game.

The game offers different types of weapons that the players can use while combatting against the criminals. The Weapons include a Katana Sword and various firearms that can be accessed by manipulating the Cybernetic Left Arm of Mondo, the protagonist. With all the amazingly addictive and Fast-paced gameplay, beautiful locations and 3D graphics, Killer is Dead offers a truly remarkable backstory and a futuristic Action and Hack and Slash experience for all the lovers of both Sword Fighting and Shooting genres.

The game is set in a medieval era and it allows you to select your player character from a number of choices Such as Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and Orcs, explore the game world and engage yourself into epic Combats with enemies, defeat them and complete the game objectives. Lord of the Rings: War in the North lets you build and control your own army of finest warriors, select 3 main characters Online Friends or NPCs , control them during the game-play and switch between them to use their special abilities whenever you need them.

The game offers a unique mechanism that allows you to develop both your skills and character as you further with the story, unlock a number of upgrades and enjoy immersing yourself into the most fantastic game-play ever. Lord of the Rings: War in the North lets you enjoy the game solo or you can team up with your friends in Co-Op multiplayer mode and enjoy the game. With only one main objective of Survival and Defeating the enemy forces, Lord of the Rings: War in the North offers a brilliantly immersive game-play, beautiful and realistic visuals and a well-written story-line to enjoy.

Your task is to either use your demonic powers to destroy the world or simply calm your inner demon and reject all the destructive urges of the monster within yourself and go against all the Satanic powers and destroy them for good. You must develop your abilities, combat skills, and weapon fighting techniques in order to defeat your enemies. By Dual wielding your weapons Swords, Daggers etc.

Bound by Flame allows you to recruit more companions who will fight, live and die besides you and will eventually help you win the war against the most difficult enemies. Bound by Flame offers great story, wonderful visuals and an immersive game-play to enjoy.

The game lets you be the main protagonist named as Geralt of Rivia who is a skilled Mercenary, Monster Slayer and a Witcher by profession. Engulfed in the manipulative havoc of political agendas, the Kingdom of Temeria is getting destroyed by all the rebels, criminals, monsters and The Order of the Flaming Rose, a rebel movement working to overthrow the king and kill him. As the personal bodyguard to the Monarch King Foltest, your task is to save the king and help him in the matters of restoring the order in Temeria.

Lead the mighty armies to the mighty La Velette Castle, overthrow the queen, and follow the footsteps of the mysterious Assassin to complete the game objectives. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings offers the enhanced Red engine that helped improve the graphics and mechanics of the game and now you can enjoy the brilliant game-play and immersive story from a totally new and refined perspective. Legend of Grimrock, created by Almost Human Ltd. The game provides with a lot of dungeon crawling and strategically special game levels in which the player gets fit into the role of a prisoner who is thrown into the Pit of mount Grimrock.

You after taking over the character of the protagonist must crawl through the dungeon, fight off the monsters and other dangerous prisoners, interact with objects, solve puzzles and find and repair the machine that opens up the portal to the outer world. Your life depends on the actions you perform so be careful. You must also find out the hidden equipment in order to fill up your inventory and gain the experience points.

Legend of Grimrock is an amazing game to play and enjoy. The game is based on the story from a novel written by a Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. From its first appearance in the market to the present day, this game is a real success. Graphics, game-play and story-line is quite to its predecessor. With an open world gaming environment, Stealth mode, tons of new content and bug fixes, this game attracts the players a lot. The Witcher, genetically mutated Geralt takes you to an amazing land of wonders.

Battles with monsters and humans and their extremely disastrous super powers are a key element in the success of the game. Give it a try and experience an extremely engaging and thrilling nature of the game. As the main protagonist, the game lets you go on to fight off the Aldia, The scholar of the First Sin, encounter a number of enigmatic and all the gory monsters and enemies, traverse through a number of environments, rival against or be a companion to the fearless NPCs and enjoy immersing yourself into an epic experience ever.

Dark Souls 2; Scholar of the First Sin offers beautiful visuals, a fantastic story along with a number of unique characters, Upgrades, DLC and an engaging game-play. As compared to the previous versions of the game, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin offers online Multiplayer game-play. Try it out if you really want to experience a totally different and one of its kind Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash game-play. Monster Hunter Tri is basically the third great inclusion to this amazing series.

Your duty is to save the village of Moga from the wrath of the monsters and other enemies. A continuous threat from a nearby island is what is bothering the people of Moga badly, you must go against the monsters, kill them all and let the people of Moga live in peace.

Monster Hunter Tri offers great adventure quests, a lot of cool weapons, skills and a number of characters to choose between along with an engaging game-play, superb visuals much more. The game takes place in a Dark Fantasy setting and allows you to Explore, Steal valuables, Assassinate your enemies and make your way through the most secured Towers of Akenash. Humans and Elves are the sole keepers of the Tower and unforeseen treasures buried deep in it. You must fight them off with your amazing sword wielding abilities, cunning, stealth and fast-paced combat techniques.

With a well-written storyline, super high definition visuals and an amazingly addictive game-play, Styx: Master of Shadows is a great Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash video game to play and enjoy. This epic Action-Adventure and RPG video game is recently released and provides with an amazingly action-packed game-play that will take you to an amazing open world setting in which you act as a Highly Trained Monster Slayer who is available for Hire.

Unlike the stories of the previous two games of The Witcher series, Geralt goes on a personal mission. The story starts up from where it ended in The Witcher 2, and Geralt, after concluding the chapters, moves on with his new life. A new era of bloody wars, chaos and destruction starts up and once again the responsibility falls upon your shoulders to stop The Wild Hunt and restore the Order in the Realm.

This open world Fantasy-based video game allows you to go on epic quests, fight against the most fearsome and mysterious beings of all time, engage yourself into the most brutal and epic battles, lead armies and fight as it is your favorite hobby. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt offers state of the art visual details, a great story driven game-play, amazing weapons, skills, new enemies and much more to discover and enjoy.

Risen 3: Titan Lords features a new unnamed protagonist and allows you to get into his character start your journey to find out the truth about the destruction and chaos that swallowed everything in the realm. After the invasion, the Titans left the humanity in ruins and the responsibility now lies on your shoulders.

You must choose a path from three choices and fight against the Titans to destroy their Might and reclaim what solely belongs to you. Risen 3: Titan Lords provides with a lot of quests to go on and explore the whole game world, create your own Warrior Guilds, gather up individuals like you and recruit them to be your fellow warriors, use you skills, sharp edged blades and get into the most epic combats against Monsters and Enemies ever.

Graphics, story and Game-play are so engaging that they will definitely leave you spell bound for quite some time. Do give it a try. The game is set in an apocalyptic era and features a female protagonist Juliet who fights off the zombies. With a chainsaw as the primary weapon, Juliet melee attacks the zombies and gets engaged in close combats.

Her friends got locked up in a facility and she is their only hope. She sets out to free them and on her way to finding her friends, she fights off and kills the hordes of zombies. With every level up, she gets some upgrades and continues the hack and slash routine until she finds her friends. After the rescue, the friends also pick up the weapons and they continue the cleaning mission during which they encounter some hostile human fractions, some of them not friendly.

Lollipop Chainsaw is filled with hardcore action and adventure and will surely make you feel like being a part of the game world. Bayonetta offers a brilliant amalgamation of unique Action-Adventure, RPG and Hack and Slash elements and allows you to get into the character of a Witch named as Bayonetta.

Laced up with sharp edged weapons, Guns and Magic, Bayonetta fights against the Angelic enemies and allows you to enjoy a fast-paced action and thrill filled game-play. According to the story, the game kicks off in the city of Vigrid, where you control the character of Bayonetta and engage yourself into epic Long and close range combats Melee Combats , use your special magical powers, swords and guns in order to kill the enemies, summon a number of different unholy and gigantic creatures, monsters etc.

With an edge of superior powers, Bayonetta lets you devastate your enemies completely along with capturing their weapons and powers. With every Angel kill, the game awards you with skill points that you can use to buy upgrades Weapons, Magic and Skills etc.

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