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game of thrones rap subtitulado torrent

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The track also tosses in a Kendrick Lamar guest spot, which only further crowds Rocky out of what was supposed to be his spotlight. His gift, then, is his exceptional ear. His exemplary production tastes carried his breakthrough mixtape, Live.

There were flashier stories from the Windy City in But no artist embodied what meant for Chicago more than Saba. In a year of often overwhelming national cruelty, the city found itself looking toward some sort of light on the horizon. Embattled mayor Rahm Emmanuel announced he would not be seeking re-election. Jason Van Dyke was convicted of murder. Not only did he unveil the tracklist on a piece of fucking notebook paper, he scrapped it multiple times.

The final album drop, hyped on an uneven SNL performance, was protracted and filled with technical glitches. The Life of Pablo is a fucking mess—the scattered, contradictory work of an icon straining to keep up with his own brilliant pace. Pablo is just powerful enough to keep the faith. Danny Brown is a funny guy. Little is better than those few minutes with Danny Brown.

The follow-up to the free download XXX , Old dispels the shallow views of Brown and paints the rapper in a humanizing and relatable way, with enough bangers and one-liners to not bury the appeal of his personality. More than ever, Old allows even passive listeners to care about what Brown is saying, to form a bond with him and to trust there is more of interest to him than women and drugs. The best hip-hop this decade still paid homage to the jazz and soul that shaped its identity from the beginning.

Madlib has always been respectful of the classics and a chance to work with the Beat Conductor is an opportunity for any MC to shine. Freddie Gibbs seizes the moment with confident flows and comes across like the narrator to a Rudy Ray Moore Dolemite movie.

Killer Mike and El-P become full-fledged juggernauts on their third album as Run the Jewels, never compromising, never obstructed. There is zero shade on this album. The beats are just as abrasive. Familiar elements abound—droning synths, cosmic bass, corrosive keys, glitchy sequencing—but the sum total is pure uranium. Hip-hop has always been the proving ground for turning cultural bugs into features.

So as the attention spans of the world continues to shrink, artists like Earl Sweatshirt have steered into that particular lane, honing their lyrical ideas to sharp points and punching them skin-deep quickly and efficiently. Hence why these 15 woozy, warped tunes rarely crack the two-minute mark and waste little time jumping to a conclusion.

The album opens with Dirty Projectors vocalists Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian humming along to a lush piano, before drummer Questlove sparks a fully-formed instrumental revue. This is just a flat-out display of beautiful music. Camp found itself oversaturated with poppy production better suited for Kidz Bop reiterations and childish pun! So, here we are with his release, Because The Internet , a meandering exploration of self.

What Gambino did with this album is assuredly parted views; people who will never, under any circumstances enjoy his music are slandering it. Folks who love him dearly were calling it the best thing since seasonings for food. They argued about it because, well, the internet. Drew Blackburn. On July 6, , Philando Castile was killed by Officer Jeronimo Yanez, who was later acquitted of the crime despite Facebook video of the incident. Just over three weeks later, Chicago rapper Fatima Warner, aka Noname, released her gorgeous debut mixtape Telefone , a smooth, jazz-inflected listen packed with heartbreaking social commentary about life as a black woman in America.

If you know, you know. Take Care is certainly impressed with itself, but often rightfully so. The year-old artist feels barely in control throughout, holding onto a thin thread of reality as dozens of figures float in and out of the room by way of samples or guest appearances. Scott and his team somehow maintain focus, connecting to a throughline that allows him to dangle explorations of his personal life, his somewhat dangerous embrace of fame and his often tenuous grip on the real world.

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