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Surely someone has posted it as a "torrent. With so much illegal traffic, it's no surprise that a clampdown has started: In November, the Motion Picture Association of America began suing downloaders of movies, in order to, as the MPAA's antipiracy chief John Malcolm put it, "avoid the fate of the music industry. For Cohen, it's all a little surreal.

He gets up in the morning, helps his wife feed their children, and then sits down at his cord-and-computer-choked desk to watch his PayPal account fill up with donations from grateful BitTorrent users - enough to support his family. Then he goes online to see how many more people have downloaded the program: At this rate, it'll be 40 million by I try not to think about it," he admits. So he does what he always does. He narrows his focus to zoom in on the next thorny problem, the next interesting technical challenge.

Like our game of Amazons. Like many geeks in the '90s, Cohen coded for a parade of dotcoms that went bust without a product ever seeing daylight. He decided his next project would be something he wrote for himself in his own way, and gave away free.

Cohen was always interested in file-sharing. His last job was with MojoNation, a project based in Mountain View, California, that tried to create a "distributed data haven. Too complicated for easy use, it expired like the other startups Cohen was part of. But it gave him an idea: Breaking a big file into tiny pieces might be a terrific way to swap it online. The problem with P2P file-sharing networks like Kazaa, he reasoned, is that uploading and downloading do not happen at equal speeds.

Broadband providers allow their users to download at superfast rates, but let them upload only very slowly, creating a bottleneck: If two peers try to swap a compressed copy of Meet the Fokkers - say, megs - the recipient will receive at a speedy 1. Thus, one-to-one swapping online is inherently inefficient. It's fine for MP3s but doesn't work for huge files. Cohen realized that chopping up a file and handing out the pieces to several uploaders would really speed things up.

He sketched out a protocol: To download that copy of Meet the Fokkers , a user's computer sniffs around for others online who have pieces of the movie. Then it downloads a chunk from several of them simultaneously. Many hands make light work, so the file arrives dozens of times faster than normal. Paradoxically, BitTorrent's architecture means that the more popular the file is the faster it downloads - because more people are pitching in.

Better yet, it's a virtuous cycle. Users download and share at the same time; as soon as someone receives even a single piece of Fokkers , his computer immediately begins offering it to others. The more files you're willing to share, the faster any individual torrent downloads to your computer.

This prevents people from leeching, a classic P2P problem in which too many people download files and refuse to upload, creating a drain on the system. In April , Cohen quit his job at MojoNation and entered what he calls his "starving artist" period. He lived off his meager savings and stayed home to work on the software all day. His pals were skeptical. Everyone knew that Bram was smart, but let's face it, a lot of stuff like this fails," says Danny O'Brien, a consultant and the editor of the tech newsletter Need To Know.

What kept Cohen going, say friends and family, was a cartoonishly inflated ego. I've accomplished more working on my own than I ever did as part of a team. Cohen decided he was kind of like that. Like Mozart? Bram and Jenna nod. Then he'll suddenly go to his computer and the code just comes pouring out.

And you can see by the lines on the screen that it's clean," Jenna says. For the program's first successful public trial, Cohen collected a batch of free porn and used it to lure beta testers. The gambit worked, as did the code. He started releasing beta versions of BitTorrent in summer Linux geeks took to it immediately and began swapping their enormous programs.

In , TV-show and movie pirates began showing up on BitTorrent blogs that, like samizdat TV Guides, pointed to long lists of pirated content. The one person who hasn't joined the plundering is Cohen himself. He says he has never downloaded a single pirated file using BitTorrent. He suspects the MPAA would love to make a legal example of him, and he doesn't want to give them an opening.

He's the perfect candidate for downloading, though, since he doesn't care if he sees TV live, doesn't subscribe to basic cable, and already sits at a computer all day long. The only shows he watches are those he buys on DVD. We wander into his garage, where he hops onto a skateboard and begins zipping back and forth. I ask him if he would download television shows if he weren't BitTorrent's creator.

He pauses for a second. And there's being the only knucklehead left who's upholding the principle. You could think of BitTorrent as Napster redux - another rumble in the endless copyright wars. But BitTorrent is something deeper and more subtle. It's a technology that is changing the landscape of broadcast media.

BitTorrent does not require the wires or airwaves that the cable and network giants have spent billions constructing and buying. And it pounds the final nail into the coffin of must-see, appointment television. BitTorrent transforms the Internet into the world's largest TiVo. One example of how the world has already changed: Gary Lerhaupt, a graduate student in computer science at Stanford, became fascinated with Outfoxed , the documentary critical of Fox News, and thought more people should see it.

So he convinced the film's producer to let him put a chunk of it on his Web site for free, as a Mbyte torrent. Within two months, nearly 1, people downloaded it. That's almost gigs of traffic, a heck of a wallop. But to get the ball rolling, Lerhaupt's site needed to serve up only 5 gigs. After that, the peers took over and hosted it themselves.

His bill for that bandwidth? There are drinks at Starbucks that cost more. During the last century, movie and TV companies had to be massive to afford distribution. Those economies of scale aren't needed anymore. Will the future of broadcasting need networks, or even channels?

Burnham goes one step further. He thinks TV-viewing habits are becoming even more atomized. People won't watch entire shows; they'll just watch the parts they care about. Stewart attacked the hosts, Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson, calling them political puppets. Delighted fans immediately ripped the segment and posted it online as a torrent. Word of Stewart's smackdown spread rapidly through the blogs, and within a day at least 4, servers were hosting the clip.

One host reported having, at any given time, more than a hundred peers swapping and downloading the file. No one knows exactly how many people got the clip through BitTorrent, but this kind of traffic on the very first day suggests a number in the hundreds of thousands - and probably much higher.

Another 2. By contrast, CNN's audience for Crossfire was only , Three times as many people saw Stewart's appearance online as on CNN itself. If enough people start getting their TV online, it will drastically change the nature of the medium. Normally, the buzz for a show builds gradually; it takes a few weeks or even a whole season for a loyal viewership to lock in. But in a BitTorrented broadcast world, things are more volatile.

Once a show becomes slightly popular - or once it has a handful of well-connected proselytizers - multiplier effects will take over, and it could become insanely popular overnight. The pass-around effect of blogs, email, and RSS creates a roving, instant audience for a hot show or segment. The whole concept of must-see TV changes from being something you stop and watch every Thursday to something you gotta check out right now, dude.

Just click here. What exactly would a next-generation broadcaster look like? They suspect the network of the future will resemble Yahoo! The real value of the so-called BitTorrent broadcaster would be in highlighting the good stuff, much as the collaborative filtering of Amazon and TiVo helps people pick good material.

It's good, reliable filtering. We'll have more video than we'll know what to do with. A next-gen broadcaster will say, 'Look, there are 2, shows out there, but here are the few that you're really going to like. Anyone own this Westcoast gem? Hi amigos, Any help with these ones will be great: - V. The Pop Covers Collection Thanks in advance. SilentGeoff : This is a pretty hard to find album.

Probeer dit eerst maar gaat zeker goed komen. Well okay, i tell you, Rock Colmn Freelancer. I live in the middel of the Neterlands. My sweetie little red candy stick i use mine imagination By the way can you, help me out i'm lookin for all albums from Drive,she said. So if got a discography link. Good luck with that your imagination! And since Youssef threw me the ball I'm informing whomever would like to be informed that you can find me thru FB under the name Sofia Queenofdreams.

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We're huddled over a table in his Bellevue, Washington, house playing a board game called Amazons.

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Boris fx 10 torrents Joussef Thank God you added that parenthesis greek word in your question. February 03, PM lilly said I would be very grateful February 11, PM troynew said But the real audience turns out to be TV and movie fanatics. February 04, AM Lostryder said
Torrente 4 lethal crisis ver online barcelona Tosh67 Same here in Greece Laugh at the Fakes - Dethrone the Crown. February 18, PM Camelblue said Haste The Day. With so much illegal traffic, it's no surprise that a clampdown has started: In November, the Motion Picture Association of America began suing downloaders of movies, in order to, as the MPAA's antipiracy chief John Malcolm put it, "avoid the fate of the music industry. February 12, AM Anonymous said
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The nut job download kickass torrent I know you didn't ask for "Amsterdam" but I kinda think you would want it Damn I was so sure that I had it Death - Individual Thought Patterns Reissue. View my complete profile. February 09, AM Anonymous said With so much illegal traffic, it's no surprise that a clampdown has started: In November, the Motion Picture Association of America began suing downloaders of movies, in order to, as the MPAA's antipiracy chief John Malcolm put it, "avoid the fate of the music industry.
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